Travel bloggers Ferdz Decena of Ironwulf.net and Christine Fernandez of JovialWanderer.com joined #WalkEDSA last October 25, 2015 and they shared their experiences in their respective blogs.

Calling himself an “advocate of walking”, Ferdz Decena makes the following observations:

On my personal observation though, people complain a lot about traffic and density of vehicles but what I also see is that both drivers and people lacks discipline. A lot of drivers here have no respect to pedestrians, especially taxi drivers who will bully their way to get through the side streets. I think we should rethink the street rules and strictly enforce them. Likewise, pedestrian should learn to be patient and strictly follow pedestrian traffic lights.

As for Christine Fernandez, while noting similar problems, she also articulated some positive points:

The experience was not all negative. Aside from burning 1,500 calories (according to a friend’s gadget), it was fun walking areas that had murals (Camp Aguinaldo side), street art along Pasay and portions of EDSA planted with trees and shrubs (Makati and Quezon City,nearing Corinthian Gardens). It was also fascinating seeing Mary Queen of Peace from the overpass. It’s massive! :) Aside from structures, meeting people who make a living in the streets was an awesome experience

You can view Ferdz’s blog post, #WalkEDSA for a walkable Manila” here, and Christine Fernandez’s account, “We walked EDSA, an advocacy for a walkable Manila”, here.


Written by Gideon Lasco

Gideon Lasco is a medical doctor, anthropologist, writer, and environmental advocate.

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